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Тема в разделе "Разное", создана пользователем Devv, 27 июн 2017.

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    Написал в саппорт ради интереса на тему нового сервера:

    Good day! I have a question. I really love tour server Ragnarok online, bt WoE and PvP on this server is die... For WoE guilds from others servers start play here very difficult. Broken economy, great amount MvP/GL. You created a poll, about new server. We are now playing on private server and spend money at that server... But we want to play at the official server, iRo - lags, bots and WoE time at 6 am. We and more guilds wait a NEW renewal official euro server. Here is the question - You plan to open it in the near future? Or not wait and continue to play on private server. I and many people waiting your reply.

    На что получил ответ:

    Hello, as it was notified on the forum, there is a lot to discuss and to prepare before opening a new server.
    The community feedback was positive but to start this server we need:
    - The technical means
    - The approval from Gravity Co
    - The build/server/new game client prepared and tested by Gravity Co (and since they have one team for all servers worldwide, it's the point which takes the most time)
    This is a project we woud like to organize, but it's mostly independant from our team.
    At this hour, we still can't give a release date, even an approximative one.
    Thank you or your understanding.

    Из чего теоретически следует что - сервер будет НО корейцы люди занятые и мол мы не знаем когда.
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    сиди жди позвонишь как откроют
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